"...successful beyond our wildest imagination"

Benefits municipalities, residents and the environment


... about the Earth Machine™

“What McHenry likes best about the Earth Machine™ is its rodent proof features and its aesthetically pleasing appearance"
John Lobalto, Director Building and Zoning, City of McHenry, IL
"The possibility of turning the round structure to access the finished compost from any direction is a real boom."
Barglya Rayeaver, Ph.D.,.The International Consultant Conservation
Gardening and Farming
"After extensive research, I was convinced that the Earth Machine™ has many advantages over its competitors."
Lauren Fishback, Councilwoman
"A list of criteria was developed to assist in the selection process for a suitable composter.  It consisted of thirteen elements.  The Earth Machine™ met all the criteria."
City of Airdrie
"It’s the best composter I have ever used in a lifetime of gardening.”
Mildred Preston, Belleville Ontario Resident
"97% would recommend the Earth Machine™ to a friend."
Trans Alta Survey
"88% of residents are still using their bin after 3 years."
Portland Metro Survey
"93.24% of residents are currently using their Earth Machine™ compost bin"
Wapakineta Mini Committee Survey
"91% rated the Earth Machine™ effective or very effective in diverting waste."
City of Thunder Bay

... about Earth Machine™ Compost Bin Truckload Sale Events

"We sold more bins in this one day than we had sold all year."
Drew Stones, City of Los Angeles, CA
"4,000 compost bins were sold to residents who attended Solid Waste Authority’s first MEGA compost bin sale.  The SWA was very pleased with the turnout and looks forward to holding future events.
Susan Lancianese, Palm Beach County, Waste Preventative Representative
"The results were phenomenal and exceeded all expectations.  Thank you for your part in placing composters in 10% of the backyards in the Eugene area."
Nancy Young, Eugene, OR, Solid Waste and Recycling Analyst
"It was successful beyond our wildest imagination."
Fort Collins, CO
"The fact that you have conducted so many other events around the country, helped to iron out potential problems.  Approximately 6% of the households in Boulder now have new composting bins."
Boulder, CO
“Area residents are very pleased with the Earth Machine™ compost bins, and we received many compliments on how smoothly the distribution day went”
Rick Lyna, Planning Director, Litchfield Hills, CT
"Please consider a program of this type in your area.  It is inexpensive, positive, works best on a grand scale and the nice part is it makes us all look good."
Ocala Public Works, Ocala, FL
“The response to the program was nothing short of amazing... Residents demonstrated the genuine desire to properly handle components of the waste stream.... 3,768 compost bins were sold.”
Lale Byers, Recycling Coordinator
Bucks County Planning Commission, PA


... about composting

“Backyard composting is a cost effective way to reduce waste and has been identified as a major factor in reaching the 50%  goal.”
Bill Mordell
Communications & Education
Greater Vancouver Regional District
“Respondents estimate that the amount of food scraps they composted would fill 3.3 one pound coffee cans a week (171.16 lbs/year).”
The Gilmore Research Group for Portland METRO
“Studies have shown that home composting can divert an average of 700 lbs. of organic waste per year.”
Massachusetts Department of Environmental Protection
 “Decision makers should actively encourage backyard composting as a source reduction method.”
United States Environmental Protection Agency
“....backyard composting is an especially appropriate method for dealing with food / garden and leaf wastes.”
Pennsylvania Department of Environmental Protection
“Home composting is a cost-effective sound waste management strategy which diverts up to 750 lbs. of materials per household from landfills each year.”
BioCycle Magazine, April 1992
“Bin owners and workshop attendees recover an estimated 54% and 44%, respectively of food scraps.”
Steve Apothkier, Analyst
John Forseid, Compost Educator
Meg Ryan, BioCycle article