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Benefits Municipalities, residents and the environment

Options for Home Composting Programs

We work with Municipalities in a variety of ways and on various levels of involvement.  Specific programs always reflect specific local needs.  Programs offered include direct sales of the Earth Machine™ to Municipalities, “pre-order & pick-up” sales and truckload sales on a single day, in some cases consisting of the sale of thousands of Earth Machine™s and companion products such as the Kitchen Collector and Compost Turner.

Distribution method options: Truckload Sales : Pre-Order and Pick-Up : Straight Delivery
Why Have A Home Composting Program?
Benefits for the Environment
Benefits of Composting for the Resident
Why a Home Composting Program with ORBIS?
The Importance of Education
Successful Elements of a Home Composting Program

Compost Bin Truckload Sale

Definition / Description

This is the most effective and perhaps the most immediate way to attract the largest number of participants.  In Municipalities where subsidy money has been available, whether through grants or budgeting, we have been able to offer the Earth Machine™ at a great savings to residents, resulting in high participation, hence leading to greater waste diversion. 

Why a Truckload Sale?

The primary objective of the Compost Bin Truckload Sale Event is to significantly increase your present backyard composting participation rate in a one day period while saving you valuable time and money.

Our program accomplishes the following:
• Maximizes resident participation.
• Minimizes requirements for Municipal funds.
• Minimizes the cost per unit to residents.

This approach:
• Creates a sense of urgency to motivate procrastinators.
• Clearly indicates to your residents the outstanding value of the purchase.
• Maximizes awareness of availability.
• Minimizes distribution/delivery costs.

Residents are encouraged to come on a "first come, first served, while supplies last" basis, to purchase or receive Earth Machine™ compost bins. This creates a perception of urgency and prevents residents from putting off composting to a future date.

Large-scale participation at Earth Machine™ Compost Bin Truckload Sale Events allows residents to purchase Earth Machine™ compost bins at a lower cost, and also serves to focus the community on backyard composting.  These kinds of promotions have a proven track record of strong economic payback for the community, as well as a strong political and environmental impact.

"The multitudes of people moved quickly through the organized lines.  The most impressive thing about the sale was the number of folks who showed up and confessed to not knowing a thing about composting."
Clark County, Washington U.S.A.


An effective advertising strategy is essential to create not only awareness, but interest in composting and to the success of the truckload sale as a whole.

By thoroughly researching paid advertising opportunities, the Earth Machine™ Compost Bin Truckload Sale Event Program offers various effective ways of getting the word out about the event and creating awareness about the importance and value of composting.

ORBIS partners with municipalities to create a promotional plan, including newspaper inserts, local handout flyers, radio advertising and public service announcements.

Grass Roots Promotion

It is important not to neglect the options that offer free publicity and promotion.  Free advertising can be just as, if not more effective than paid advertising but the combination of both will result in high awareness and optimal resident participation. The following are ways of getting the word out:

  • Earth Machine™ samples to Municipality with plastic brochure holder and flyers to be placed in high pedestrian traffic areas. ie. libraries, City Hall, grocery stores.
  • Community workshops, garden shows, environmental workshops.
  • Public Service Announcements on radio, cable T.V., community section of local newspaper
  • Event details on Community Channel - Community Calendar
  • Notify gardening clubs, recycling associations, horticultural societies, churches etc. about TLS event – have posters and flyers available
  • Contact local council members
  • Event details on Municipal webpage
  • Electronic Media Kits

ORBIS will provide Municipalities with Electronic Media Kits via e-mail to forward to local media and for use by the Municipality. These media kits contain Public Service Announcements, press releases, fact sheets, letter to gardening clubs, graphics of the Earth Machine™, educational images and sample newspaper articles on past compost bin truck load sales. Making use of the information contained in the Media Kits will not only enhance promotion of the sale but also create an overall awareness of the importance of composting and reducing waste.

Where We’ve Been

We've helped over 3000 Municipalities across North America distribute and implement backyard composting programs with our Earth Machine™ programs.



 Earth Machine™ Pre Order & Pick Up


This option is available when a Municipality or organization has a small population and would like to offer Earth Machine™ Compost Bins to their residents but do not feel there is potential for a Truckload Sale Event.  ORBIS would work with a Municipality to determine the best way to notify residents of the pre-order opportunity; usually flyers or a newspaper campaign.  The Municipality sets a resident pick-up date, collects the pre-order forms and money, and notifies us of the number of Earth Machine™ Compost Bins required. Earth Machine™ compost bins are then shipped to a central location for the Municipality to distribute

Why a Pre-Order & Pick Up Program?

This option is available to a Municipality where the size of the community is less than 30,000 single family households. The participation rate under this scenario is usually 3 to 5%, however, much higher rates have been achieved when funding is available and when there is high Municipal/grass roots support (e.g. notification to garden clubs, recycling associations, Municipal newsletter, etc.)

Pre-Order Program Dynamics: pre-order single sided inserts, with cut-off order forms, are distributed town-wide through local newspapers and include all particulars: order deadline, pick up location and date, etc.  Sample Earth Machine™ units with point-of-purchase display are provided for placement at your City or Town Hall to increase awareness.  Also, a Media Kit is provided to the town as a tool with which to generate free publicity from local media, newsletter, etc.  There is a designated period of approximately three weeks for residents to submit their order forms and payment.  The Municipality informs ORBIS at least two weeks prior to the pick up date of the quantity required. Residents then bring their receipts to the pick up location to obtain their Earth Machine™.



Earth Machine™ Straight Delivery


Let us know how many Earth Machine™ compost bins you would like and we will quote a price, including delivery.  Promotion and selling are the responsibility of the Municipality and delivery can be accomplished within one week of ordering. This works well in areas where a quality can be offered to participants in ongoing composting education programs or where there is a home delivery program by the Municipality or a facility in which the Earth Machine™ Compost Bins can be stored and picked up by residents.



Why have a Home Composting Program?

Home composting is a viable, practical and effective component of solid waste management benefiting the Municipality by reducing landfilling and collection costs, benefiting the environment by diverting waste, and benefiting the resident by making compost for healthier lawns and gardens.

Benefits for the Municipality

Municipalities bear the responsibility for collecting and processing solid waste; home composting reduces the amount of materials that must be collected, transported to a central facility, and disposed or otherwise processed. A minimum of 500 lbs. of kitchen and yard waste can be diverted per year per household.  Home composting is the most cost effective waste management option available.

Automatic Diversion Calculation

Diverting more than 500 lbs of organic matter from the waste stream each year converts to real dollars saved in trash collection and disposal costs as these expenses are much higher than the cost for encouraging residents to compost at home. Return on investment can be realized within years, not decades.





“Since our first event in April 2006, 3000 compost bins are in use throughout Leon County,representing approximately 975 tons of waste being diverted from the landfill annually!  Based on this, we will see a return on investment in compost bin truckload sales in just over 1 year...”
Adam Schlachter, Leon County Recycling Coordinator
Board of County Commissioners
301 South Monroe, St. Tallahassee FL


“Based on assumptions that households divert about 500 pounds of food and yard trimmings per bin, the bins will last 10 years ... 88% of bin purchasers are still using their bins after 3 years, we get a cost of $25 per ton diverted (including costs to household and to Metro). This compares to a cost of $125 per ton for curbside collection of yard trimmings (there are no other options for food scraps).” 
Steve Apotheker, Senior Recycling Policy Analyst
Waste Reduction, Planning & Outreach
600 NE Grand Avenue, Portland, OR

..more testimonials from Municipalities



Benefits for the Environment

Environmental Benefits of Composting and using the Earth Machine™
  • Improves soil health and fertility
  • Reduces landfilling which reduces methane gases, one of the most harmful greenhouse gases
  • Composting prevents wind and water erosion by increasing the availability of water and nutrients to plants resulting in rapid, strong plant growth in areas prone to erosion
  • Improves soil porosity
  • Improves water-holding capacity resulting in reduced dependency on watering
  • Inhibits incidence of plant diseases
  • Compost can bind and degrade specific pollutants where used as an amendment
  • Reduces dependence on gasoline for transport to landfills

Information collected from U.S. Environmental Protection Agency and Composting Council of Canada



Benefits of Composting for the Resident

With education and encouragement from the Municipality, residents will make composting easy and routine by using the Earth Machine™.  Residents will be empowered with the knowledge that they are an essential part of their community’s waste diversion efforts.

Resident Benefits of Composting and using the Earth Machine™

• Provides a nutrient-rich "super-soil" to add to your garden, lawn and house plants
• Takes as little as 10 minutes a week
• Reduces use of artificial fertilizers and pesticides
• Can Reduce gardening water bill by 30%
• Can reduce garbage by 30%

• Improves soil texture and water holding capacity where used as an amendment
• Big enough for a family of five

• Home Composting Handbook included with each Earth Machine™


Why a Home Composting Program with ORBIS?


ORBIS has developed an internal infrastructure of trained and experienced employees nationwide, dedicated only to One-Day Earth Machine™ Compost Bin Truckload Sale Events with over 15 years of experience in planning, promoting, and managing over 3000 successful Municipal home composting programs across North America and the world.

ORBISl has warehouses coast to coast, making for easy and fast distribution anywhere in North America.

“For the past nine years the City of Madison, Dane County and several smaller communities in our region have partnered with [ORBIS] on a home compost bin sale. In that time we have sold over 16,500 compost bins. We have been very pleased with the range of services offered us by [ORBIS]... site coordination and bin deliveries are well organized and operate very smoothly. Prior to our association with [ORBIS], the City of Madison sold or gave away several different types of compost bins. The Earth Machine™ has proven to be the most popular with our residents.”
George P. Dreckmann, Recycling Coordinator
City of Madison Department of Public Works, WI



The Importance of Education

When homeowners are encouraged to divert organics from the waste stream and receive education by their local governments about proper composting practices, high resident participation rates in composting can be realized thereby diverting up to 50% of organic waste from the waste stream.

Local Governments that are active in Home Composting Programs implement public education and outreach programs to encourage homeowners to compost.



Successful Elements of a Home Composting Program

Some successful elements include:
  • Home Composting Instruction Booklets included with purchase of every Earth Machine™
  • Distributing a home composting brochure
  • Radio advertisements
  • Display ads in Home & Garden sections of local newspapers
  • Home composting workshops
  • Provide information through existing community groups, gardening clubs, organizations, public events, gardening stores
  • One-Day Earth Machine™ Sale events or “Pre-order & Pick up” purchases
  • Home Composting hotline number / website
  • “Master Earth Machine™ Programs” – compost specialist who trains a group of volunteers who then educate community on proper composting techniques

Home composting programs are an increasingly popular residential source reduction program option.*
* United States Environmental Protection Agency, EPA530-R-97-002