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About Us

Promotion & Education

Resolving Waste management problems is not about new technology – it is about changing attitudes. While technology plays a critical role, without full public support and acceptance, technologies often fail. That is why ORBISl surrounds its technology, the Earth Machine™, with a wide range of innovative promotional and educational products.

The Company

ORBIS Corporation (formerly Norseman Environmental Products) prides itself on its ability to offer more than simply a product or price. Extensive planning experience, promotional tools, educational programs, and successful event management skills have made ORBIS the number one company in its field. As part of Menasha Corporation, ORBIS Corporation offers over 160 years of manufacturing excellence.

Whether by straight delivery, multi-site single day truckload sale events, where tens of thousands of Earth Machines™ have been sold, or by door-to-door set-up and post education, ORBIS has transformed the way in which Municipalities promote home composting.

We have been involved in more than 3,500 Municipal backyard composting programs distributing in excess of 2.5 million Earth Machines across North America and internationally. As a result, ORBIS has developed a nationwide infrastructure of trained and experienced full time staff, dedicated only to truckload events. This is to ensure that your event is managed effectively and professionally. Independent surveys continue to prove high levels of waste diversion, program participation, and satisfaction using the Earth Machine™.

ORBIS is a company dedicated to developing wide-ranging solutions to today’s challenging environmental problems. By partnering with corporations and governments at all levels, we work together and implement effective methods of dealing with these challenges.

ORBIS is also engaged in major recycling programs with internationally recognized companies such as Coca Cola, Pepsi Cola, Cott Beverages, and other large beverage and food service organizations across North America.

ORBIS is a leader in the manufacture and distribution of a variety of residential curbside boxes and workplace fine paper containers servicing recycling initiatives throughout the world. With the newest product, the MURFE™ (Multi-Unit Recycler For Everyone), ORBIS is providing an opportunity to increase recycling at multi-family residences such as apartments and condominiums.

ORBIS has also led the market in the design, manufacture and distribution of the Kitchen Collector, Green Bin, and Green Bin+, the components of our highly successful curbside organic waste program. With over 2,500,000 containers in use,these programs have yielded soaring resident participation, satisfaction, negligible breakage, and glowing testaments from Municipalities. Supported with dynamic promotion and educational tools, a 95% participation rate has been realized with 8 lbs (3.7 kg) capture per household per week.

Working cooperatively with local agencies and governments is the foundation of ORBIS’ success in helping families, communities and companies deal with waste at the source.


Norseman Environmental is an Orbis company, which is a subsidiary of Menasha Corporation.